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We work to instill in children and teens the truth of the Gospel; the knowledge of their value; and the imperative of leadership, education and service, knowing that the future of our community is in their hands.

Youth Scholarships 

Together For Hope Arkansas started its scholarship program in 2014, and has awarded five $1,000 scholarships to Phillips County students attending Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas, Coahoma Community College, Arkansas State University, the University of Arkansas, and Visible Music College.


Leadership through Service

We believe that one of the best ways to empower a young person to understand his or her own gifts and to have a vision for their community is through service. Together For Hope Arkansas youth have served over 2,000 volunteer hours for each of the past two years, more than any other TFHAR volunteer group. TFHAR youth have served with Stories on Wheels, Helena Second Saturdays, the Healthy Helena Expo, and on mission outside of their community in Jamaica, Louisiana, and Romania

Camp Go!

Camp Go is a new experience for ACC 2015! As children grow beyond Swim Camp, Camp Go is a place for them to learn leadership skills and how to be a volunteer while serving alongside trained Swim Camp volunteers. Participants are trained in Swim Camp policies and talk about communication skills, bullying and trust, while also having their own fun camp experience and shadowing Swim Camp volunteers. 

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