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TFHAR Youth Scholarships:

TFHAR is happy to announce our first academic and spiritual development scholarships. Five of our long-term partner churches have donated money to further the development of Phillips County youth. The deadline is July 2, 2014. Please read all scholarship regulations before applying.


Students can apply here: 


2014 Scholarship Rules and Regulations: 



  • Academic scholarships are available to graduates of Phillips County high schools. 


  • Spiritual/Personal Development scholarships are available to Phillips County high school students and graduates.


  • All decisions are made by TFHAR Scholarship Board members. THFAR staff members do not have any say in which students receive scholarships. 


  • TFHAR interns, if a Phillips County graduate, are eligible for scholarships. 


  • Students may not receive BOTH an academic and SPD scholarship in the same calendar year. (E.g., students who receive SPD scholarships in 2014 may receive an academic scholarship in 2015.) 


  • Upon notification of scholarship, the student must reply within two weeks to accept scholarship and provide necessary information for board to administer funds. If the student does not respond within two weeks (14 days), the funds will then be awarded to the next top applicant. 


  • If all monies are not distributed for the calendar year, the money will roll over to the following calendar year for additional scholarships.



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