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Together For Hope Arkansas partners with churches and organizations both within and outside our community to create opportunities for young people to grow and succeed through leadership development, service, education, and enrichment.

Together for Hope National  

Phillips County, Ark.

Launched in 2001, Together for Hope (TFH) is a long-term commitment to working with people in 20 of the nation's poorest counties in order to affect change and break the cycle of economic disparity. The ministry is about establishing long-term relationships, listening, learning and walking alongside local leaders. TFHAR is fully supported by CBF Arkansas. Through our work, we seek to be the presence of Christ in the world.

Phillips County is rich in history, stretching from the Civil War to the creation of Blues music and beyond. Understanding our community is essential to our work. In many ways, Helena-West Helena shares the same story as many rural Delta towns -- agriculture-based economy, high poverty and illiteracy rates, rural brain drain. But the numbers don’t capture our unique story, or our community’s resilience and potential. 

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